Free Short Story “Remembering You” – Rainbow Advent Calendar

Free Short Story “Remembering You” – Rainbow Advent Calendar

Hello friends! From the 1st – 24th of December authors of GLBT+ fiction will be opening a door to a selection of festive stories to while away the winter days and get you in the Christmas spirit. Find stories from your favourite writers and discover some new ones along the way. A small gift from us to you for all your support in 2018. My story, Remembering You, is below for your reading pleasure! Thanks to Jacy Braegan and DJ Jamison for beta/proofreading and Eden Finley for moral support! <3

To read the other Rainbow Advent Calendar stories, see the masterlist or follow along on the Rainbow Advent Calendar FB group.

Title: Remembering You
Word Count: 9,600~
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When Robbie comes home for Christmas, he is confronted by Troy, the ex-step-cousin whose dad left Robbie’s aunt one summer eight years ago. Can Robbie stifle lingering feelings for Troy, who was his first love and who gave him his first kiss? 
Themes/Tropes: second chance, childhood crush, first kisses, extended family

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“Okay, we’re going to stop this,” I announced. “Can’t handle any more bright colors right now.” I slumped against the wall and rubbed my eyes. 

Beside me, Troy was probably smiling the smug smile of someone who cheated at fighting games. “Don’t be a sore loser. Play me again.” 

I barked a laugh. “No. I hate you.” 

Now that I wasn’t rubbing my eyes, that was definitely a smug smile I saw. “Lies. You love me.”

I really do, my traitorous brain replied for me. At least I didn’t say it out loud. We were only hanging out like this, only next door neighbors, because Troy’s dad was married to my aunt. That made us step-cousins. Troy was the last person I was allowed to love. “Yeah, whatever,” I said instead. “I’m still done for tonight.” 

Troy gave an unconcerned shrug, but he lingered in his seat on my bed. “You turning in?” 

I bit my lip. “Not yet. I’m not sleepy.” I prayed I wouldn’t start breaking into yawns now that I’d said that. 

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Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

I forgot to announce this, but I have been serializing my sweet Hawaii-set MM romance Finding Home on Radish. The first five episodes are free to read on the Radish app (download from your app store), but I’ve also included a Prolific Works download link to the first three episodes here: Read Finding Home Episodes 1-3 for free.


Can a grieving son find love with his mother’s parrot’s avian vet? Struggling artist Felix Lu returns to his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii after his estranged mother passes away and leaves him her house and her middle-aged parrot Dorian. Out of sorts and dealing poorly with grief, Felix turns to handsome and compassionate avian vet Tyler Hayworth for comfort. When the love of his life is taken away from him, Tyler swears off love in an effort to protect himself from ever feeling the pain of loss again. When Felix walks into his life, Tyler tries his best to steer clear of temptation–but lowers his guard when he realizes Felix is only looking for a temporary fix for his loneliness. Felix is going back to L.A. to pursue his art goals soon, so they can both take what they need from each other without compromising their hearts, right? A standalone gay romance featuring a singing middle-aged African grey, lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet, well-deserved happily-ever-after.


PopSugar’s LGBTQ+ Romance Books List

PopSugar’s LGBTQ+ Romance Books List

The Radish pre-release edition of Brave for You was featured on this article on PopSugar at #4, and I’m so excited (and a little starstruck!) to be recognized along with a bunch of really cool authors in my genre. =) Check out this list if you’re looking for some fun summer reads.

Brave for You was one of the featured books in this article! Yay~
Join my Facebook Readers’ Group for a free mini-serial.

Join my Facebook Readers’ Group for a free mini-serial.

I realize I haven’t updated in a long time, and the reason is that I’ve been busy preparing goodies for my Facebook Readers’ Group and Newsletter subscribers. If you discovered me from AO3, Wattpad, or Radish and are interested in serial fiction, you should definitely join my FB group! I’m writing a mini-serial with short weekly chapter(s) (500-800 words per installment) that my group will get to read before anyone else–for free. They will also get first dibs on ARC opportunities before I hand it over to my newsletter subscribers.

To entice you, below is a NSFW excerpt from the mini-serial.


A Season for Change begins serialization on Radish

A Season for Change begins serialization on Radish

I posted the first 7 episodes of A Season for Change on Radish yesterday. Another episode is going up tomorrow, with three episodes scheduled to release each week. Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you can take a look at the story by clicking here.

Want to preview it before downloading the app? Scroll down a couple of posts or click here for a sneak preview of a later chapter ;P (warning, it’s not very safe for work!)