Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

I forgot to announce this, but I have been serializing my sweet Hawaii-set MM romance Finding Home on Radish. The first five episodes are free to read on the Radish app (download from your app store), but I’ve also included a Prolific Works download link to the first three episodes here: Read Finding Home Episodes 1-3 for free.


Can a grieving son find love with his mother’s parrot’s avian vet? Struggling artist Felix Lu returns to his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii after his estranged mother passes away and leaves him her house and her middle-aged parrot Dorian. Out of sorts and dealing poorly with grief, Felix turns to handsome and compassionate avian vet Tyler Hayworth for comfort. When the love of his life is taken away from him, Tyler swears off love in an effort to protect himself from ever feeling the pain of loss again. When Felix walks into his life, Tyler tries his best to steer clear of temptation–but lowers his guard when he realizes Felix is only looking for a temporary fix for his loneliness. Felix is going back to L.A. to pursue his art goals soon, so they can both take what they need from each other without compromising their hearts, right? A standalone gay romance featuring a singing middle-aged African grey, lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet, well-deserved happily-ever-after.


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