“Brave For You” released on Radish!

“Brave For You” released on Radish!

My first gay romance, Brave For You, is finally pre-releasing on Radish before the wide release in summer 2018! I uploaded the first 7 episodes today, and can’t wait for everyone to read them!

For those who are unfamiliar, Radish is a serial fiction app that allows its users to preview and read books from a range of genres on their phone or mobile device. What’s really neat about this is that it allows authors to monetize their serial fiction with a freemium model, under which “episodes” are released one week at a time for free–although the first 3 episodes of a serial are always completely free and unlocked–and anyone who can’t wait for the episode to unlock can purchase coins (such as one would purchase to play games like Candy Crush, Puzzle and Dragons, etc.) that can be used to unlock each episode.

“Brave For You” is on the freemium model, which means that you can tune in every week for a new episode to unlock and read the entire book completely free! So please, if you’re interested in reading more of my writing, check out Radish in your app store =)

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2 Replies to ““Brave For You” released on Radish!”

  1. Didnt know how to message you via Radish so here I am……….

    I am totally in LOVE with your story *Brave For You*. I just finished reading chapter 25 on Radish and to let you know how amazing your book is.

    I am now dying to see/know what is going to happen next.

    ~When will you be posting more chapters?
    ~How many more chapters will there be?
    ~Do you have a post schedule for RADISH?

    1. Hi Allana! Thank you SO Much for letting me know you’re reading (and liking) Brave For You! There is no way for readers to leave feedback on Radish for writers, so poking me on social media and/or my website is the only way I’ll know whether you liked it or not. This just made my entire morning!

      To answer your questions: 1) This evening! There is one chapter scheduled for release tonight =D 2) There will be five more chapters and then the serial is complete! 3) I post chapters on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 pm EST.

      I’m excited for everyone to get to the end of this story and to move onto the next one. I’ve gotten over half of A Season for Change written and it’s so much fun! Hope you’ll stay tuned for that one as well! It follows Stephen Webb, Nate’s board game frenemy, and his romance with a younger guy he works with. =)

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