“Brave For You” to be released

“Brave For You” to be released

I thought I had so much time, but the release date for Brave For You is coming on like a great big wave–something on which the locals would say advise me to “never turn your back.” I had originally planned to release this on Kindle Marketplace some time in March, but those plans of changed somewhat to my combined chagrin and delight.

Yesterday I received an acceptance email from Radish Fiction to become a writer for their platform, which specializes in presenting serialized fiction on their beautiful and intuitive app. Since readers have the option of purchasing coins in micro-transactions (sort of like paying for more gems/coins on games like Candy Crush) that are then used to unlock chapters of stories, it’s a platform that rewards its authors with potential earnings.

Radish has some exclusivity rules for its pre-release titles, which means that I will need to keep my title exclusive to Radish for 90 days after the chapters come out. This translates to a wide release date further down the line, but does mean that–barring any mishaps–I will be releasing Brave For You on Radish in March 2018. That’s next month!

I should also have a final version of the cover ready in the next week or so. Super excited! My journey as an indie author is beginning in earnest.

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