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I’m doing a prompt bingo, and one of the squares is “bets/dares” so here is a little tidbit that fulfills the requirements! For the enjoyment of my FB group.


“Admit it,” Mark drawls, practically sneering at me behind his glasses. “You, sir, are a prude.” He takes a huge gulp of his drink, snorting with laughter. “Or a virgin. Oh, my god, Casey. Are you a virgin?”

Okay, so I know how Mark can get when he’s drunk. No filter, that guy. I know he’s going to feel like shit about this tomorrow when he’s sober, too. I still kind of want to snatch the glasses off his stupid smirking face and crush them under my feet. But seeing as they’re those plastic hipster ones and knowing my luck, they probably wouldn’t even break.

“Am not.” Not really. I’ve given a blowjobs and handjobs before. Doesn’t matter if it’s never evolved into more. That still counts as sex, right? “Just because I don’t want to proposition a stranger at a Christmas party doesn’t mean I’m a…”

Christ, I can’t even say it.

“It’s not propositioning, Case. Just a kiss. Under the mistletoe. I’ve had a handful tonight already. You can snag one, okay? I guarantee you, no one’s gonna punch you in the face for it or anything. Not when you tell them it’s a dare.” He’s right, of course. The party has been in full swing for a couple of hours, and during that time the sound of cheers and applause has rung out each time someone’s grabbed a kiss under one of the many mistletoe branches that have been strategically placed throughout the house. No one’s gonna bat an eyelash at another mistletoe kiss. It won’t mean anything.

I still don’t want to do it. The thought of going up to a perfect stranger–because this is Mark’s crowd, not mine–makes my pulse race fast in a way that isn’t altogether pleasant. But it’s a dare. Because I’m the antisocial idiot who plays Truth or Dare with my drunk friend instead of talking to people at a party. And damn if I don’t know the exact question he’s gonna ask me if I try to change my answer to Truth.

Shit shit shit.

“Fine. But I’m gonna pick the guy.”

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