Brother-in-Law Material Oopsies

Brother-in-Law Material Oopsies

Hello lovelies! If you bought or borrowed Brother-in-Law Material from 7/16/21 – 7/18/21, you may have noticed that the book you got was … not Luke and Kendall’s book. I was updating the back matter with some pertinent links when my brain did an oopsie and instead caused me to upload the un-proofed manuscript of my upcoming release, Not For Sale.

What does this mean? Well, if you borrowed this book on Kindle Unlimited, you can now return it and hopefully re-borrow the correct book.

If, however, you bought your own copy of Brother-in-Law Material (which, thank you so much, you’re lovely and I love you) and did not get the correct book, you will need to update your Kindle book version.

Hopefully those of you who did catch Not For Sale enjoyed it! Interested in reading Not For Sale but didn’t get the extra-oops sneak peek? You can pre-order it on Amazon and have it sent straight to your kindles on July 29th, or wait till release date to borrow it via Kindle Unlimited. 

So sorry for the mix-up! If, for whatever reason, you bought a copy of Brother-in-Law Material but was not able to get the update file via Amazon, please email my PA at and she will help you get it sorted. Thanks so much for your understanding, and happy reading!!

Love, Crystal

Goodies to share~

Goodies to share~

2019 was such a difficult year for me in terms of writing productivity, so I’m happy that the very last quarter of the year has been so productive for me in terms of new releases. Hope you find time to enjoy these as you welcome 2020!

Hot Holiday Release!

Here is Holiday Fling, a wonderfully steamy and sweet holiday vacation romance set in Hawaii. It is a novel-length read that’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

Holiday Fling
Bisexual awakening, hot hotel sex, two men falling in love on a beautiful island

Freebie New Year’s Glory Hole Giveaway

I love a good, unapologetically smutty read, and this collection of shorts certainly fits the bill. My story is an 18,000 word short that follows best friends Raysen and Yuki as they navigate the change in their relationship following an accidental glory hole gang bang. You’re welcome 😉

Twelve amazingly smutty stories featuring glory holes to help you ring in the new year!
Best friends to lovers. A DIY glory hole. Group sex. Happy endings.
New Release: Ready for You!

New Release: Ready for You!

It’s been a year since the release of Change for You, and I’m really sorry it’s taken me this long to write the third in the Oahu Lovers series: Ready for YouBut it’s here! Yay! In this story, we revisit some past characters to see how their HEAs have turned out, and we’re introduced to our two main characters–Shohei Yamada and Reggie Primacio. These two unlikely friends have smoking hot chemistry and lots of heart, and I hope you’ll join them on their journey to explore previously foreign territory (for Shohei =P) together!

Remembering You Audiobook

Remembering You Audiobook

Remembering You by Crystal Lacy, read by Kenneth Obi

I’ve been thinking about producing my own audiobooks, and it seemed prudent to test the process out to see how easy or difficult it’d be. I decided to do this with something relatively short and inexpensive first, so I approached the talented Kenneth Obi to see if he’d be up for narrating my holiday short story, Remembering You. This is one of the best short stories I’ve ever written, and I’m proud to present it to you in audiobook format very shortly. Here’s an audio sample!

Sample of Remembering You audiobook



I’m doing a prompt bingo, and one of the squares is “bets/dares” so here is a little tidbit that fulfills the requirements! For the enjoyment of my FB group.


“Admit it,” Mark drawls, practically sneering at me behind his glasses. “You, sir, are a prude.” He takes a huge gulp of his drink, snorting with laughter. “Or a virgin. Oh, my god, Casey. Are you a virgin?”

Okay, so I know how Mark can get when he’s drunk. No filter, that guy. I know he’s going to feel like shit about this tomorrow when he’s sober, too. I still kind of want to snatch the glasses off his stupid smirking face and crush them under my feet. But seeing as they’re those plastic hipster ones and knowing my luck, they probably wouldn’t even break.

“Am not.” Not really. I’ve given a blowjobs and handjobs before. Doesn’t matter if it’s never evolved into more. That still counts as sex, right? “Just because I don’t want to proposition a stranger at a Christmas party doesn’t mean I’m a…”

Christ, I can’t even say it.

“It’s not propositioning, Case. Just a kiss. Under the mistletoe. I’ve had a handful tonight already. You can snag one, okay? I guarantee you, no one’s gonna punch you in the face for it or anything. Not when you tell them it’s a dare.” He’s right, of course. The party has been in full swing for a couple of hours, and during that time the sound of cheers and applause has rung out each time someone’s grabbed a kiss under one of the many mistletoe branches that have been strategically placed throughout the house. No one’s gonna bat an eyelash at another mistletoe kiss. It won’t mean anything.

I still don’t want to do it. The thought of going up to a perfect stranger–because this is Mark’s crowd, not mine–makes my pulse race fast in a way that isn’t altogether pleasant. But it’s a dare. Because I’m the antisocial idiot who plays Truth or Dare with my drunk friend instead of talking to people at a party. And damn if I don’t know the exact question he’s gonna ask me if I try to change my answer to Truth.

Shit shit shit.

“Fine. But I’m gonna pick the guy.”

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Short Story “Remembering You” – Rainbow Advent Calendar

Short Story “Remembering You” – Rainbow Advent Calendar

Hello friends! From the 1st – 24th of December authors of GLBT+ fiction opened a door to a selection of festive stories to while away the winter days and get you in the Christmas spirit. A small gift from us to you for all your support in 2018. My story, Remembering You, was free from Dec 9th through the 31st, and is now excerpted here for you to enjoy! Thanks to Jacy Braegan and DJ Jamison for beta/proofreading and Eden Finley for moral support! <3

To read the other Rainbow Advent Calendar stories, see the masterlist or follow on the Rainbow Advent Calendar FB group.

Title: Remembering You
Word Count: 9,600~
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When Robbie comes home for Christmas, he is confronted by Troy, the ex-step-cousin whose dad left Robbie’s aunt one summer eight years ago. Can Robbie stifle lingering feelings for Troy, who was his first love and who gave him his first kiss? 
Themes/Tropes: second chance, childhood crush, first kisses, extended family

 Read Preview Below!


“Okay, we’re going to stop this,” I announced. “Can’t handle any more bright colors right now.” I slumped against the wall and rubbed my eyes. 

Beside me, Troy was probably smiling the smug smile of someone who cheated at fighting games. “Don’t be a sore loser. Play me again.” 

I barked a laugh. “No. I hate you.” 

Now that I wasn’t rubbing my eyes, that was definitely a smug smile I saw. “Lies. You love me.”

I really do, my traitorous brain replied for me. At least I didn’t say it out loud. We were only hanging out like this, only next door neighbors, because Troy’s dad was married to my aunt. That made us step-cousins. Troy was the last person I was allowed to love. “Yeah, whatever,” I said instead. “I’m still done for tonight.” 

Troy gave an unconcerned shrug, but he lingered in his seat on my bed. “You turning in?” 

I bit my lip. “Not yet. I’m not sleepy.” I prayed I wouldn’t start breaking into yawns now that I’d said that. 

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Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

Finding Home Episodes 1 – 3 preview

I forgot to announce this, but I have been serializing my sweet Hawaii-set MM romance Finding Home on Radish. The first five episodes are free to read on the Radish app (download from your app store), but I’ve also included a Prolific Works download link to the first three episodes here: Read Finding Home Episodes 1-3 for free.


Can a grieving son find love with his mother’s parrot’s avian vet? Struggling artist Felix Lu returns to his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii after his estranged mother passes away and leaves him her house and her middle-aged parrot Dorian. Out of sorts and dealing poorly with grief, Felix turns to handsome and compassionate avian vet Tyler Hayworth for comfort. When the love of his life is taken away from him, Tyler swears off love in an effort to protect himself from ever feeling the pain of loss again. When Felix walks into his life, Tyler tries his best to steer clear of temptation–but lowers his guard when he realizes Felix is only looking for a temporary fix for his loneliness. Felix is going back to L.A. to pursue his art goals soon, so they can both take what they need from each other without compromising their hearts, right? A standalone gay romance featuring a singing middle-aged African grey, lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet, well-deserved happily-ever-after.